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Pandora's Box Performers are one of the leading suppliers of face and body art on the event circuit. Available for Children's Parties, Festivals, Family Fun Days, Corporate Christmas Events, Office Summer Parties, Wedding Receptions, Birthday's, Bar & Bat mitzvah's, Photoshoots, TV/Film, Product Launches and more. 

Professional creative face and body art is extremely popular at parties and events, loved by not only kids but adults as well.

We can supply a full range of fun and exciting artistry options including Glitter Tattoos, Festival style Glitter Makeup, Gems & Embellishments, Henna, Hair Braiding including coloured Hair Extensions and accessories, Nail Art, UV Paint and Hairspray Stencils, Graffiti designs, Children's Face Painting, Airbrush Tattoos, Body Painting as well as personalised and customised tattoo stencils of your logo or company name. 

Depending on your party set up our talented artists can be roaming throughout your venue using their unique walkabout kit belts or table based, or even a mix of both whichever you'd prefer. 

Our team are highly skilled at what they do and as well as producing original eye catching designs they also work extremely quickly, each design taking between 3-5 minutes maximum.

Biodegradable glitter available upon request. 

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